Soil Testing

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Sr. No. Particulars Test Method/ Reference Code Sample size required Significance
1 Specific Gravity IS 2720 (Part-3/Sec-1) 1980 5 kg Soil Classification
2 Moisture Content IS 2720 (Part-2) 1973 5 kg Soil Classification
3 Grainsize Analysis IS 2720 (Part-4) 1963 5 kg Soil classification
4 Free Swell Index IS 2720 (Part-40) 1963 5 kg Soil classification
5 Atterberg's Limit (LL/PL/PI) IS 2720 (Part-5) 1977 50kg Estimate compression index useful for settlement analysis. Plastic limit is required for making bricks, cement-soil block foundation for structures
6 Standard Proctor (MDD/OMC) IS 2720 (Part-7) 1980 50kg Basis of comparison for field compaction to produce a strong, settlement free, and firm sub grade.
7 Laboratory CBR (Soaked & Unsoaked) IS 2720 (Part-16) 1987 50kg California Bearing Ratio (C.B.R.), determines the thickness of different elements comprising a pavement.

Note :

  • Minimum charges for Soil core cutting within PMC & PCMC area are Rs. 6500/- (5 points will be covered)
  • Traveling charges will be charged at actual for outside site from PMC & PCMC.